Saturday 30 September 2017


Plantain Berry Nut Porridge 

This is a delicious recipe that is fruity but creamy with sweet and sour tones. The best part of it is that it only took 5 minutes to make. 


Firstly welcome to my new blog this is my first post.  My name is Bachay (pronounced Buh-shy) aka Bee and welcome to my budget friendly vegan lifestyle blog.  I will feature a wide range of food, health and lifestyle posts.  So this post is the perfect introduction to my style of blogging.

Do you want to know a secret?  

If your answer is no skip to the recipe below.

If yes the secret is that this was my first meal as a vegan.  I didn't plan to go vegan, I planned to transition to vegetarian for a year.  Yet this was enough to convince me to ditch my flexatarian / mostly plantbased lifestyle immediately. As it was not only tasty but incredibly easy to make so my fear that veganism was hard and not maintainable diminished. This moment led me to began my vegan journey. This is not 
the case with most people who transition to veganism and it's because the various factors and events that forced me to change my diet previously. Read my Vegan story here

Plantain Berry Nut Porridge Recipe 


oats so simple original sachet
water or plant milk
1 tsp of sultanas
handful of fresh blueberries 
ripe plantain, sliced (1cm thick)
1- 2 tbsp of peanut crunchy butter 


1.  Follow the instructions to cook the oats with water or plant milk in a bowl,add the sultanas and put it in the microwave. 

2.  Place the plantain onto a George foreman style grill turn over half way. This should take around 3 minutes but cooking times may differ so make sure they are cooked. 
3.  Alternatively cook on a preheated non stick frying / grill pan for 2-3 (or until cooked) on a medium heat and don't forget to flip it over half way. 
4.  Once the oats are cooked,place the blueberries, peanut butter and plantain on top to serve.

If you recreate this recipe of any of recipes use the hashtag #makeeatrepeat 

Bee 🐝 x

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  1. I've never tried oats but wanted to for a while now. Since I love peanut butter, this might be a great recipe to try them with! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thank you Astrid, I didn't eat porridge for 10 years as I found it was too thick and creamy for me but I was a child. Luckily this method of using water works well with me and yes I love peanut butter too ☺️.



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