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10 ways to eat Vegan in London

I have listed 10 ways to eat vegan in London! Plantbased food is high in demand and London is a vegan friendly city with many options to cater to all dietary requirements. I have featured fully vegan restaurants such as Temple of Seitan. Whilst I have also featured various vegan friendly cuisines and popular non- vegan chains such as Pizza Express who have a separate vegan menu. London is definitely one the most vegan friendly places on Earth.




10 ways to eat vegan in London - Above - A burger served with Mac and cheese at Temple of Camden one of Temple of Seitan’s permanent restaurants in London 

Temple of Seitan are behind London’s first vegan fried chicken restaurant Temple of Hackney in Hackney. The restaurant was huge success with non vegans and of course their prime target of London vegans.  

Above - Temple of Camden Snackbox - Fries and vegan popcorn chicken 

Above - a tray of a packet of fries, an unwrapped burger which has bbq sauce on a vegan burger with melted vegan cheese, vegan bacon on a burger bun alongside a small container of Chipotle sauce.

A second branch called Temple of Camden opened in early 2018 with a larger space and higher seating capacity in between St Pancras and Camden Road just off Regents canal. The menu features two pieces vegan chicken, hot wings, burgers with vegan cheese and vegan bacon.

Temple of Seitan snack box with mayo at their Temple of Camden branch 

Temple of Seitan wrap with extra cheese and bacon whilst dining in their Temple of Camden branch near Kings Cross


Mildred’s is vegetarian restaurant chain whose menu has evolved over the years and is now mostly vegan.  Mildred’s is a place where people come to catch up with friends and celebrate their birthdays.

Mildred’s Tandoori  Chcken with black dhal, roti, carrot & nigella seed salad, mango chutney and raita served at Mildred’s Soho branch 

Mildreds Peanut butter, caramel, dark chocolate swirl brownie, vanilla ice cream, sugared peanuts served at Mildreds Soho branch (sorry about the blurry image)

Whilst drinking delicious cocktails, eating their delicious brownies served with ice cream popular dishes include Sri Lanka Curry and Tandoori Chicken.  The latter includes a vegan alternative to chicken which is in fact incredibly similar to chicken in both texture and taste.


Lemonade, Sweet potato fries, guacamole burger and mac and cheese served at By Chloe’s Covent Garden branch 

By Chloe is an American plant based food chain of restaurants in Covent Garden,Oxford Circus and Tower Bridge. Their menu includes nourish bowls,Guacamole Burgers, Mac and cheese,vegan cookies and even fish & chips. It is a casual dining restaurant that gets busy during peak times so by weary of this if you want to find a seat and enjoy your food in the restaurant.


Sweet Potato fries, Aubergine Caponata roti,Creole Mushroom Roti with Plantain and Turmeric Spiced Soya Chana & Coriander curry at Jerkmaica’s Finsbury Park branch 

London was a wide range of Caribbean restaurants such as Jerkmaica in north London which have vegan friendly options. Jerkmaica have options such as soya chana curry and mixed vegetable based roti dishes.  

Whilst Desert Cactus in Peckham run by Afro London Vegan offers Southern fried Jackfruit with dumplings. Vegan options found in Caribbean restaurants can also vegetable patties, filled roti wraps, sweet potato & chickpea curry served with rice and peas.


Firezza pizza with vegan cheese ordered  from their Notting Hill branch 

Vegan pizza has grow in popularity in London and Pizza restaurants such as Firezza (above), Pizza Hut and Zizzi now offer vegan cheese on their menu. 

Vegan Giardiniera pizza at Pizza Express

Pizza Express has a vegan menu which includes their legendary dough balls served with a harissa sauce (below). Whilst the Mains include a wide range of pizzas with or without vegan cheese and the desserts include a cheesecake and sorbet options.

Vegan Doughballs a served with a harissa dip part of the set menu options at Pizza Express Fulham Boardway branch 

The are also vegan pizzerias such as Purezza which opened in Camden earlier this year whose range includes a vegan Oreo pizza.

Whilst Pickywops specialises in a variety of specialist bases such as burnt wheat and turmeric.

Pickywops pizza with vegan Seitan meat alternative pieces,jalapeños and vegan cheese on a burnt  wheat base 

 When vegan cheese is not on the menu a Marinara Pizza is on the menu at Franco Manca (above) and traditional Italian restaurants. It is a great option for vegans as it is a pizza with tomato sauce and basil.

Marinara Pizza at Franco Manca

 My local Santa Maria also offers vegan cheese but their traditional Marinara pizza is my favourite (below).

Santa Maria garlic bread and marinara pizza £5.50 ordered from the Chelsea branch just off Kings Road,Fulham.


Above - What The Pitta Doner box full of fries, topped with soy kebab pieces,hummus,chilli sauce, garlic sauce, vegan tzatziki and pickled peppers. £6

What the pitta is located in Camden, Boxpark Shoreditch and Croydon. They serve award winning vegan doner kebabs, snack boxes, vegan baklava, vegan chicken nuggets and Turkish Pizza.


Amorino Sorbet Gelato Roses at Amorino’s Notting Hill Gate branch Left- Mango,Raspberry,Passion fruit sorbet flavours. Right- Mango,Melon,Passion fruit and Lime basil sorbet flavours both £3.90

Amorino are famous for their gelato rose which is vegan friendly due to their wide range of sorbets.  The menu includes melon, passionfruit, strawberry, mango and Chocolate sorbets.

Bee holds a cone filled with a melted sorbet rose made up of Mandarin,Mango and Melon sorbet flavours £3.90 with a background a range of sorbets flavours including Mandarin, Banana and Raspberry


Leon offers a wide range of budget friendly and vegan friendly options. Which include their baked fries, vegan aioli sauce, Love burger, rice boxes, sweet treats and vegan porridge.

Plant burger (now discontinued), baked fries, chilli sauce, Rose pistachio donut and Mini Peanut Butter & jelly brownie 

Leon Jack Wings - Vegan nuggets containing jackfruit and a vegan cheese flavoured seasoning.

A half eaten Love Burger displaying Leon’s vegan burger option full of vegan cheese, a beetroot based patty, tomato and lettuce with a burger sauce on a burger bun.

Leon mezze box and a rose pistachio doughnut


Vegan at Nandos? Yes this can done by purchasing asking your server what meals are vegan friendly or by requesting to see the dietary requirements document. Which label the ingredients and allergens of each of the products available on their menu.  

Nando’s popular vegan friendly optIons include the delicious rich tasting Garlic bread which is actually made with a vegan butter alternative. 

Sweet Potato burger no mayo (I told them no dairy and that I’m vegan), garlic bread and fries/chips eaten with ketchup (not

The fries are also vegan alongside their hummus & peri drizzle, spicy rice and olives.

I adore Nando’s Olives, they are not your standard plate of olives as they contain a mix of large pitted green olives, pickled garlic, mushrooms and red peppers. Whilst veggie burgers/pittas or wrap can be made vegan by removing the mayonnaise or/and cheese. 

Their peri peri bastes may contain shellac (which I only just found out). So it’s best to order the Plainish include of lemon & herb,medium,hot etc, Especially if you are worried about cross contamination. 

You can still enjoy a Nando’s meal by adding the additional new vegan PERInaise for 60p (which is also the same price as the normal PERInaise). 

10. ITSU

Itsu Veggie Sushi Collection

Itsu serves delicious vegan alternatives alongside their regular Japanese inspired range of sushi,hot noodle and rice dishes. 

No Meat Monday’s- Edamame beans,Shredded carrots, a tahini sauce in a closed pot, red cage and pumpkin seed salad, Smoked Tofu with Teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds on top of white sushi rice.

This includes no meat Monday’s, veggie sushi collection, veggie gyoza udon, miso soup, salads and smoothies throughout the day.

Vegetable filled dumping in a noodle and vegetable broth topped with spinach,pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Alongside white rice sushi club rolls filled with carrot and avocado.
 Itsu Veggie Gyoza Udon and Veggie Club rolls

Half an hour before closing Itsu reduces the price on all of their sushi which I’d found within the chiller. So prices can be as low as £2.00 I usually purchase a vegetable sushi collection pack for £2.75 after the end of day reduction.



If you are looking for a vegan friendly doughnut or donut London has no shortage of bakeries and doughnuts shops.  
Greggs’ Ring Doughnut is now vegan,whilst Coop’s Jam and Custard Doughnuts are also vegan.

A box of Greggs’ Ring Doughnuts £1

Local Doughnut shops also cater for vegans such as Happy Donuts on Portobello Road opposite the world famous Portobello Market.

A donut display featuring round filled donuts l with a cream and chopped nut topping labelled as Hazelnut custard vegan £3.50. Alongside  another display of donuts which are labelled  Cream Brûlée Vegan £3.50
Hazelnut Custard Vegan and Cream Brûlée Vegan Donuts at Happy Donuts in Portobello Road

Crosstown doughnuts offer vegan options of their delicious sourdough based doughnuts in a range of unique flavours. There also a stand-alone vegan branch yes a vegan doughnut shop in Marylebone near Oxford Street.

A brown paper bag branded with the label Crosstown in black capital letters. Next to a white plate with a blue floral pattern contains a ring Glazed doughnut with sliced. Lemon peel
Crosstown Doughnuts Sicilian Lemon Olive Oil 

Popular Australian founded Doughnut Time offers a range of delicious vegan options from it’s ‘instagramable’ candy coloured green stores and with eye catching neon signage.

Doughnut Time’s Sia Later Vegan Doughnut 

Ice Ice Bae Bae has featured heavily on Instagram due to it’s Vanilla buttercream, indulgent cookie dough and biscuit pieces. Whilst Sia Later is a surprisingly light and fluffy textured red velvet doughnut with a decadent vegan cream cheese frosting topped with raspberries.

I hope this post gave you some insight into Vegan London and the various ways you can eat vegan in London. I hope you enjoyed 10 ways to eat vegan in London plus the bonus addition.

Have you tried any of the cuisines and restaurants listed above?  Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,I hope this gave you some ideas of how and where to eat in London.

Bee x 

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  1. Absolutely love this post, I try to eat vegan as much as possible but do always find it a struggle when eating out! I have to try that vegan gelato place because it looks too pretty to resist.

    1. Thank you Sarah, I love the gelato at Amorino it’s an international company that is all over Central and West London (I have 2 within walking distance which doesn’t help) x

  2. Great article! You've covered the topic comprehensively and provided valuable insights. I especially liked how you explained [specific point] in such a clear and concise manner



10 ways to eat Vegan in London I have listed 10 ways to eat vegan in London! Plantbased food is high in demand and Londo...