Friday 20 October 2017


How much can you bear ?

As an animal lover I am always sad to hear about the poor living conditions which animals all around the world sadly endure.  Vietnam is a beautiful country in South East Asia that I have always wanted to visit.  Yet I never knew that bear bile farming is a practice which currently takes place in Vietnam.  Where bile and other parts which belong to bears are extracted (from the bears) to be used in traditional medicine. This is a lucrative business but as a consequence around 1,300 bile bears endure miserable lives.  Where these bears live in cramped metal cages in Vietnamese farms and private backyards.

I decided to take an endurance test to found out more.

The test helped me to understand why Four Paws need our help to encourage the Vietnamese government to make a change. So when I was asked if I would help to raise awarenessthe campaign I said yes.  As I believe many people like myself are actually unaware of the practice of bile farming, just like I was. Just a gesture such as signing a petition will help to make a big impact ,so please click the link below for moreinformation.


FOUR PAWS are calling on the Vietnamese government to take the necessary measures to end bear farming. “To be able to send a strong message to the Vietnamese government, FOUR PAWS aims to bring the voices of 1 million people across the world who have signed the petition to the Vietnamese government”, states Kieran Harkin, Head 
of International Wild Animal Campaigns at FOUR PAWS. “This will help deliver an unprecedented message that now is the time to finally end bear farming for good.”

Four Paws are currently constructing a new state-of-the-art sanctuary in Vietnam that, once the government agrees, will eventually be able to offer a home to a hundred of the bears. They aim to change public perception in Vietnam with the opportunity to come and learn and see them in a species-
appropriate environment. The new bear sanctuary will soon 
open its doors to the first bears in urgent need of rescue.

The Sanctuary Plot 

To sign the petition or to find out more about the bears and FOUR PAWS click on the links above. 

Did you know the truth behind what happens to these bears 
or the practices taken to produce tradition medicines such as Chinese medicine which is sold in the Uk ? Let me know Your thoughts below in the comments.

 X Bee 🐝

If you would like more,connect with me below: 

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